Creating awareness

Raising awareness

AMCRA aims to promote greater awareness of the issues of antibiotic resistance in food-producing animals and companion animals by means of a national awareness campaign. As part of the awareness campaign, videos and posters promoting responsible use of antibiotics have been developed, and these campaign materials are geared towards farmers, owners of companion animals, and veterinarians. Campaign material is available in Dutch and French only.

Companion animals and horses

Poster and flyer 'Let's talk antibiotics'

The FPS Public Health, AMCRA and federal and regional health authorities launched an awareness campaign on antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic use. 

The aim of this campaign is to promote the correct use of antibiotics in pets and invite their owners to talk to their veterinarian about it. Veterinarians are thus at the center of this campaign and their support is indispensable for its success.

Leaflet and poster animal owners awareness

"AMCRA guidelines for antibiotic use in dogs and cats" poster

Tv spots and publicity reports

"Tante Biotica" poster


TV spots and publicity reports

"Good practices" poster


Tv-spots and publicity reports

"Responsible use" poster


Tv spots and publicity reports

"Responsable use" poster

Amcra english logo
Centre of Expertise on Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance in Animals

Latest results

Belgian report on veterinary national antibioticum consumption and on farm-level use - 2022
"One Health" report on AMU and AMR